Track 6: Upside Down

Looking down on a rainbow, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

That last blog was pretty heavy, So let’s lift the tone a bit! There are 5 things that have defined my life. My Christian Faith, the woman who married me who is the biggest blessing God has ever sent my way, my 3 kids, music and being part of a great church family at Orangefield in Belfast. So many good friends. So much support. So many opportunities to serve. It is without doubt my extended family, which is what it’s meant to be. A family, a body. We’ve had our moments, some wobbles and challenges, but it’s just chock full of good honest, ‘what you see is what you get’ Jesus loving brothers and sisters.

So when I was doing my stint in charge of the Sunday school there, and someone asked could they have a song for a talk they were doing on Zaccheus, we rattled this one off within a few days. Being the son of someone in love with money, the lyrics came easily to me. It’s loosely styled on Minnie the mooch by Cab Calloway from the blues brothers movie. I wanted Zaccheus to come across as a sneaky prohibition style gangster who rips everyone off. On the edge. Unloved.

Over the years this song has been performed by loads of kids in our church, and lots of other places. It’s best sung with shades on & a fake scowl. Actions come easily on the chorus, it’s great fun!

To finally add some great moody piano from Ian Hannah and backroom jazz trumpet is real icing on the cake. Have fun with it. After the last blog’s rainy day, to hear about Zaccheus getting his life turned upside down and his frozen heart alight, hopefully gives you a bit of a lift. A great one for the car on a long drive, or for a kids event.

Upside Down

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